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Teardrop flag banner design creative.
Teardrop flag banner design creative.


On the beach where, everybody looks for something refreshing., the teardrop flag banner, advertising capabilities shines!


Yes, we designed these Go4Raw teardrop flags banners with this idea in mind. 

Bright colors, great fruit photos, water splashes, and magnificent product images. 


This was our way to say to everybody on the beach – “Come and try our new, refreshing, and very tasty bio raw bar! 🙂 ” 

 Beach flags and “beach design style”. This is a great summer combination for every advertising campaign. 

When the wind moves these wing flags, their vibrating motion creates a sense of refreshment and coolness and this is the feeling that everybody looks for in the hot days. 

Even If the flags are placed in a city environment, they also do a great job of attracting the pedestrians around them, because they remind everybody for the beach, sand and the sea. 

A summer advertising campaign that uses “refreshing design” beach flags always guarantee success and increase brand recognition. capabilities shine

beach, banner, and pole flags

Our flags are printed on the finest Deutschland manufactured flag fabric and our inks are top quality Italian ones.
Also, our flags have hydrophobic treatment, which makes them last!

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What Are Teardrop Flags?

Teardrop flags are large teardrop-shaped flags with different available sizes. 

The most common sizes of the teardrops flags are S, M, L, and XL which include pre-print templates.  ( S – 260/75x165cm, M –  280/90x200cm, L – 410/110×287, XL – 520/130x350cm )

The teardrop flag banners have light, and comfortable construction made of powder-coated aluminum and fiberglass top.  This allows their usage even in extreme weather conditions.

They come equipped with an elegant bag for carrying and storing the pylon.

The teardrop feather flags can have 2 suitable placement bases – metal cross base, steel wedge with rotator, or drill.

Used in the mountains, beaches, in front of the shop, the teardrop flag banner will attract the attention of the audience. And will make promoting your business easy and efficient. 

Sublimation printing technology allows the usage of many different custom created graphic designs.