Instagram, Google, and Facebook marketing agency AdwayCreative designed 2 new and affordable Social Media Advertising plans. 
Our aim for these plans is to become your weapon of choice when it comes to online advertising in Social media 
( like
Facebook Marketing and Advertising, Messenger Marketing, Instagram advertising, and Google Advertising and audience reaching ). 


“Social media is not just an activity. It is an investment…” – Sean Gardner

“Social Jump Advanced” Artificial Intelligence-powered plan by Google, Instagram, and Facebook marketing agency AdwayCreative 


Facebook marketing and advertising agency Social Media plans and prices Standard

This plan includes everything needed to start your social media marketing or advertising campaign from scratch. This plan includes our IDEA & CONCEPTION services, designed to set the right advertising goals, creativity, and strategies. 


The features this plan offers are essential for every new Google, Instagram, and Facebook marketing campaign. 


They are designed to help you generate leads, traffic, and/or to reach excellent brand recognition in a matter of several months.  


This plan we recommend it for small to small-medium budget campaigns, with a duration of a minimum of 1 to 3 consecutive months. 


Facebook marketing and advertising agency Social Media plans and prices Advanced

This SMA plan is packed with more than 10 of the MOST ADVANCED ARTIFICIAL INTELEGENTNT powered social media advertising technologies nowadays. ( You can see more below. ) 


This plan we recommend for Medium to Very High budget campaigns with a duration of at least 3 months. 


The superior AI features with which our Instagram, Google, and Facebook marketing agency packed the “SOCIAL JUMP ADVANCED”  advertising plan, will guarantee you higher advertising success and return on the investments than expected. 

On average, about
25-45 percent better ROI in the first 3 months compared with our startup Standard.


We introduce you to our 360o degree advertising approach, to further optimize every Google, Instagram, and Facebook marketing effort. AdwayCreative developed this approach to be able to deliver you the results you want to achieve from your social media advertising campaign, with a minimum of wasted advertising budget.

Since 2007 we have tested a lot of different advertising methods, and we find that the 360o approach works best in every scenario. 

This method covers everything from A to Z! The Idea and Conception, Artworks, Websites and landing pages, video ads, marketing research, are only a small part of the services we developed through the years.

Now we are able to will apply them directly to your Google, Instagram, or Facebook marketing campaign. This way we will additionally prepare your advertising campaign to be winning and successful.


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our highly effective Google, Instagram and Facebook marketing plans compared


month/excluding SMP budget


  • Idea & Conception This is a vital service, for every advertising campaigns, see why in our Idea & Conception page under Services
  • Creatives, Gifs, and Videos They are meant to support the advertising idea and conception of your campaign
  • Brand recognition If you need your brand to be more recognizable on the market, then this campaign will be the best choice for you.
  • Regional and Worldwide If you need to sell your products or services, locally or globally, then this approach is your best bet.
  • App popularization You launch a new app? So let's encourage more people to install it.
  • Traffic boost This approach will drastically increase the visitors to your website or landing page.
  • Lead generation This approach will encourage interested people to spend time with your services or products.
  • Communication This approach will encourage people to talk with you or your selling team.
  • Engagements If you need more people to interact with your advertising. Including comments, shares, and likes, etc.
  • Videos Let's show your advertising video, to a targeted audience, interested in your business.
  • Audience selection We will create a targeted audience list, based on location, age, gender, job, education, interests, and behaviors.
  • Ad location management We will test different placements of your ad, to reach to the best possible and converting location.
  • Ad Format management We will test different formats of your ad, to reach to the best possible and engaging composition.
  • Optimizations and analysis We will take full control over your resources and spendings based on the analysis, that will give us information where we should pay more and where less.
  • Measurement We will send you a statistic on how your Google Ads, Instagram or Facebook marketing campaign perform.
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month/excluding SMP budget


  • C.P.A. Creative Performace Analytics - Our algorithm will tell us as to which creative we use will generate you the highest profits and which we should remove or adjust / change/remove. In other words, if we have 3 creatives and 3 audiences, after several days we will know which creative convert best on a particular audience, and this will allow us to design more similar advertisings for this audience.
  • A.C.D.A. Advanced Copy Data and Analytics - We will add advanced touchups to your advertising texts. Our algorithm will watch how your ad convert will different emojis, text lengths, and words of choice. So we will be able to find the perfect combination for the highest possible ROIs.
  • I.A.L.A. Intelligent Ad Launch Algorithm - Our algorithm will launch your ads in time when they are most likely to drive conversions.
  • A.P.P. Ad Placement Prediction - Will place your ads, on places and networks where they will convert best, based on a large amount of previous data.
  • P.P.P. Public Performance Prediction - Our algorithm will select the best-performing publics, according to past data analytics. After this, we will create a personalized approach for every targeted segment we define.
  • E.L.S. Exposure Limits Scale - Our algorithm will automatically downscale your advertising when the maximum exposure limit is reached. So your ad won't fatigue your fans.
  • C.P.M. Conversation Public Mixer - We will blend multiple high converting audiences into a single Extraordinary Converting Audience so your ROAS will jump-fly.
  • N.L.B.A. New Location Best Audience - Our algorithm will create a new public comparable to your top-performing current audiences but in a new location.
  • A.A.A. Advanced Advertising Automation - Automations based on more than 300 metrics.
  • M.V.T. Multivariate tests - This will create extra variations of your best audiences and creatives to guarantee the success of your campaign.
  • C.C.H.M. Comments Control and Haters Management - Comments on your ads affect the decision of potential customers. Also, our algorithm will automatically exclude unsubscribers from your future campaigns.
  • Tags Historical Data
  • Smart Analytics
  • eERM's
  • A/B algorithms
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Fully developed to support every Google, Instagram, and Facebook marketing effort.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin


Firstly, we will decide what is the goal of your social media advertising campaign.


Secondly, we will create an Idea and Plan of action. In short, every goal needs a different approach to be achieved.


Thirdly, we will create the initial creatives that we will use in the advertising campaign.


After we have the first analytical data, we will do campaign adjustments.


Constant measurements on how your advertising campaign is going .

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WE INTRODUCE YOU to OUR 6 new and affordable PLANS

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*We from Instagram, Google and Facebook marketing agency AdwayCreative constantly work over the improvement of our products. 
So we keep our rights to change our advertising products’ features and prices without prior notification.