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Yes, you noticed correctly, we did not accidentally choose this type of navigation. Although some people have the opinion that this is the “old-fashioned” menu style.

“Old-fashioned” but proved with time and working great.

Have you seen the online store? And did you notice how easy you found the wines you were looking for?


Optimized for SEO score.


We designed the e-commerce website homepage so that it presents in a beautiful, yet functional way everything that the online store WinWines.net offers.

E-commerce website design for WinWines
Home page of the e-commerce website design for winwines.net


The first image

Because we all know that the first impression is most important, at the very beginning of the site, we decided to use a photo that shows the “WIN WINES WORLD”.


Actually, this is the main advertising message we decide to use.

Supporting text for the ad message.

After we showed the “World of Win Wines” we decided to describe it in words. 

For this purpose, we used the following supportive ad text:

“Besides inspirational wine experiences, you also have the opportunity to taste a limited range of wines that you can not find outside the winery…”

“Wineries” section

The next “station” of our journey in the WinWines world is precisely the cellars that the online store represent.

– Borovitsa

– Verus

– Emona

– Maxima 

– Domaine Vallot

– Château des Mille Anges

Under each cellar logo, we added a brief text description to present it. 

Also, we’ve made each logo functional, so when clicked, it leads to the corresponding sub-page that we’ve specially developed for each cellar.

3 “E-shop” sections with selected wines

Of course, after the cellars presentation, we decided to introduce three eshop sections to show some of the “newest”, “most wanted” and “most-bought” wines on the e-commerce website.

This way, we do not make the page unnecessary heavy and also we increase the number of conversions.

Practically right?

“Why us” section

Here we added a few key benefits to the online store to distinguish it from the competition.

We chose to show the following:

– Free and fast delivery

– Return if you don’t like

– Sure payment

– Order by phone

This gives us additional confidence and security in the eyes of potential customers. An essential step for every business website.

E-commerce mobile shop page design
Dedicated "Chateau des Mille Anges" page


Yes. Here is why.


We designed this online store with the purpose to reach better positions on GoogleSo that’s why on its home page we decided to add more specific content to describe the site.


This way, Google can index the content easier and faster.



We have decided to add the following 6 sections

– AirPack

– Personalized labels

– Wine Club

– About us

– Our customers

– Latest news

In each section, we added a description of about 200 words and CTA (call to action) buttons that again lead visitors to specific subpages on the site. Here is how, besides content, we also created internal links, important for the SEO structure of the site.

Additionally, the homepage layout became more friendly and interesting for the visitors.

E-commerce single product page design
Home page of the e-commerce website design for winwines.net



Again simple and efficient design with many custom filters.

We’ve developed 10 different filters and 6 different methods to sort the wines according to their kind and price. This way we make it straightforward for the customers, to find what they’re looking for.


which the online store offers.

In addition to the filters and ways to sort the items, we’ve added a few extra options to make the visitors experience in this e-commerce website better. They are:

— Fast shopping

It allows a product to be viewed and purchased fast.

— Buy

This option “sends” the item directly to the shopping cart. It is very convenient for buyers who know exactly which wine they would like to buy.

— Add to wishlist

It allows the visitors to create a list of wines that they would like to purchase after a day, two or more.

— Add for comparison

For anyone who needs to compare two, three or more wines and discover the wine they are looking for.


Focusing on the photo and product description

Each item in the store has its dedicated pageWe designed this page to focus on the product image and its brief description. We also added a large and well-defined “BUY” CTA button.

We have added the following sections to the page:

— Description

Contains the full wine description

— More information

Contains detailed information about:

weight, color, wine cellar, way of closing, origin, region, variety, and others.

— Reviews

Here, everyone bought a certain wine, can leave his positive or negative feedback.

— Related Products

This section shows visitors which products are similar to the one they are viewing. 

This section is useful when the visitor is not sure of his choice or wants to buy more wines similar to what he prefers. 

In any e-commerce website design, this module could look different and serve another purpose, depending on the business needs. 


Again with a functional and pure design.

We created this page, with the idea of presenting all cellars in one place, which in turn allows each visitor to quickly reach the specific page of each wine cellars that the site presents.

The other important role of the page is the additional content that we add, which in turn helps WinWines.net to reach a higher position on Google. 

News page design E-commerce website
The "News" page of the website



The page that every self-respecting web site should have.

Why is this page important for any e-commerce website design?

Of course, first of all, because we all want to know who we work and from who we are shopping for. This page functions as a meeting with the merchant in a physical store, but online.

We divided the “About Us” page into several sections.

— For Win Wines

Here, we put a piece of information that most of the web site visitors would be interested to know.

“The first direct trader of handicraft wines in a limited series of hand-picked grape.”

— Why work with us?

This is an essential part of every “About Us” page design because these few paragraphs describe the benefits of the company in front of its competitors.

Here, unlike the homepage of the online store, we described in detail the main mission and values of the WinWines team.

—Who are we?

This section shows photos of every member of the site.

— What our customers say about us?

This section is one of the most powerful sections in the “About us” page. Why? Consumer feedback is one of the strongest marketing methods. They build trust in the website visitor’s eyes (or potential customers).


AirPack is a WinWines sub-brand. We introduced the brand in the official WinWines website.

The pros of this approach:

– Detailed presentation of AirPack

– Cross sales of wine packaging

– More content and traffic to the online store.


An important page that we constantly update.

The “News” page strengthens the presence of each website in the internet space and boosts its SEO rank.

Why? Because every new line of content added to the site helps it reach a higher position on Google.


Often underestimated, but this is one of the most important pages in every site.

We have structured the page into two sections.

In the left part, we placed the contact information. In the right, we built a custom contact form, the purpose of which is to help the users to contact the website owners easily.


A required part of every online store

– Frequently Asked Questions

– GDPR policy

– Delivery and payment

– General terms and conditions

These pages must be presented on any e-commerce website design that does any type of business activity and allows visitors to buy goods from it.

These pages we designed with a very simple design, but their purpose is to deliver information that only needs to be read.

About-us E-commerce page
"About us" web page


Salon Du Vin 2019 – Presentation of “Borovitsa” Wine Cellar and AirPack packaging.

Logo design, roll banners /design, and print/ and wine labels by AdwayCreative