Biofertilizer logo and packaging design

Biofertilizer logo
and packaging design

ready to compete for its market share

Biofertilizer logo and packaging design.
Logo and packaging design for “Green World” bio fertilizer


Biofertilizer company, “Green World” used our logo design services and our packaging design services for the artful conception of their new 5 and 10 liters biofertilizer packages.

As usual, we didn’t start our work with the creative part but we first did broad market and competition research.

The results of this research directed our creative team, to develop this beautiful and expressive packaging design for the product, that is absolutely ready to compete for its share of the market.


After we conducted our market research process, we noticed that there is almost no other biofertilizer package design that clearly shows the product’s advantages.

So our idea? Yes, we show our product advantages very prominently. This little step was almost enough to put the product a step ahead of the competition.

However, we decided to go further and to include several more design ideas in front of the packaging design.

Idea one: 100% BIO “label”. We included this label with 2 different designs and in 2 different languages. We implemented this, as an “additional label” on the package, because we didn’t want our potential clients to not spot in at the first glance.
It is visible, right?

Idea two: Creative illustration that shows interestingly the environment where this biofertilizer product will be used.

Because we needed to use only one Pantone color ( PANTONE 2285 C ), we decide that this creative (at the bottom of the package), we will set in a lighter green color only.

Biofertilizer logo and packaging design.
Green World biofertilizer Front package design. 10 liters.


In the back of the package, we included all mandatory labeling and packaging information that needs to be shown in every package design.

Also, in this design, we again went a step further and decided to introduce some interesting ideas.

Idea one: Custom and prominent table design ( again after the research we performed we noticed that almost no other biofertilizer product have this beautifully designed table element )

Idea two: Bold and easy to read “how and where to use instructions“.
Although this is not such a big “artistic” idea, this is a really important part of this (and any) packaging design. 

If this information is not positioned in a way that will allow the customers to reach it and read it easily, our question is, will they decide to buy this product?

Green World biofertilizer Back package design. 10 liters.
Green World biofertilizer Back package design. 10 liters.