Advertising with video clips and animated presentations



Sometimes, the best way to communicate your sales message is through video advertising (or in some cases through animated web graphics). This is because an ad article that would take 10-15 minutes of reading time can be successfully replaced (or complemented) with a short video presentation that can give the same amount of information but for a much shorter time, which will produce a higher return on your advertising investment.

This is because the bounce rate on your landing page or website will be much smaller. (in other words, the video clip will attract the attention of your audience and so your chances for making a sale will increase tremendously)

Example 1: A video demonstration of the product you offer will increase your sales because it will help your potential buyers to trust you more easily. They will see how the product you advertise will be useful to them.

Example 2: When it comes to an online service, the video demonstration, releases the user of taking steps (software downloads, registration, etc.) that would stop him from getting familiar with the service you offer.


Not everyone is photogenic and not everyone has a vocal timbre that is appropriate for sounding an advertising clip. When the advert video requires the participation of certain types and/or be cast with the right voice or voices, actors and voices talents come in help.

They make it possible for us, to present the advertisement idea, the right way!


The purpose of this process is to deliver a finished look at the final advert clip. The process involves arranging the captured footage in a specific order, adjusting the colors (to be more influential), adding additional visual effects, music and voice adding, and more.


The drones unlocked our hands and imagination for generating and realizing many new and successful advertising ideas!

The unique aerial footage that could only be taken by helicopter until now and at a very high price, today can be captured fast and at the highest video resolutions using a drone.

Capturing an advertising video with a drone become very popular and preferred method by our customers. Why? For a number of reasons. The main one is the speed with which everything happens, usually within a day or two. Others are the unique quality of the ad clip and the low cost of making it.

Of course, let’s not forget that, unlike the earlier way of filming aerial video, the drones are small and “smart”. In other words, they allow us to shoot from new points of view and show in a new way everything that has been shown so far with the help of a helicopter. The small places shooting, near the ground shooting and the techniques, that until recently have been impossible to realize are already in the past.

The bad weather is also not a factor that will slow us down dramatically and which will increase notably the cost of your unique “aerial advertising” !

This is not exactly an advertising video. But we are always open to ideas! Enjoy! 🙂


Each video resolution has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, when advertising on YouTube, HD 720p resolution will load very fast and this will reduce the visitors bounce rate of your ad page. From another point of view, the UHD 4K format is currently the most detailed one that can be used and is mainly recommended for television advertising. Its disadvantage is the large size of video files, making them inappropriate for distributing them in promotional materials such as USB flash drives.

We can also make an architectural 3D video visualizations and presentations. In our portfolio, we have more.


Did you memorize the music from any of the TV or Youtube advertisings you saw?

Yes, the music is an important factor for any video advertising. However, still, some people which produce video adverts neglect the potential of the songs and sounds.

The right type of music truly makes the whole advertising video seem complete and also forms the overall mood of the clip.

The chosen music must honor the advertising message and idea and at the same time, it must meet the target audience expectations*, because when people catch the songs from the style they love, they will respond more positively to the marketing message that we try to convey.

*If of course our public will be mixed (will love different style) then we should pick a background theme that everybody will find to be good.

Which is the most popular way to find a good song for your advertising clip?

There is no complete answer to this question. It will depend mostly on your advertising budget. For the remarkable large productions, we will work with highly skilled compositors and musicians, but when it comes to “good quality and price” question, we prefer to use a ready high-quality royalty free sound libraries such as: and more.