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PARK&FLY Sofia started and popularize their business using our agency advertising services. 

Firstly we created their custom programmed website. 
After that, we set up, run, and maintain their Google Ads advertising campaigns.
Thirdly we created their Facebook Fan Page.

For their YouTube advertising, we created several branded animated presentations. And last but not least we design and Print their Transfer Cards and promotional advertising materials. 

Additionally, we designed and install their new Mega board just in front of the parking entrance. 


When we did the website brief with the clients, we decided that for their website, the main goals are:

  1. To show the prices
  2. To show the parking location
  3. To show the parking itself
  4. To have a reservation system
  5. To clearly show the Park&Fly advantages
  6. Privacy system

How we achieve these goals?

Website goal 1 – The prices 

For this purpose, we created a special PRICE page on their website. At first glance, this page looks very simple, but it fact, the CMS we created in the back end of the website, allows the website administrators to create some very complex price promotions and changes. And to synchronize them with the cache payment machines installed on the parking lot. 

Website goal 2 – To show the park location

This is was a small but very important challenge. Why? Because it is important for everybody, to know how many minutes would take them to reach the airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 from the parking, with the Park&Fly free transport and pickup service. 

Of course, we achieve this goal, cleverly, using some interesting web graphics. 

Website goal 3 – The parking itself 

Here we decide to not include a parking gallery directly on the website. Rather, we put only one panoramic image, to represent the parking lots and the covered parking cells. 

Website goal 4 – The reservation system

The Park&Fly custom coded reservation system was the most complex part of their website. Why complex? Because behind, the simple-looking design, we put a ton of custom coding. 

We add options for:

1. Manually including and excluding some of the form features. 

2. Automatic price updates according to current ParkAndFly prices.

3. Automatic time tracking for every parked vehicle. 

4. Realtime car counting system ( to show how many occupied and how many free parking lots are left ).

5. Option for manual turning on and off the reservation system.

Website goal 5 – the competitive advantages 

To achieve this goal, our designer’s team created a set of custom-designed web icons which we positioned on the website Services page. Under every icon, we add explanatory text, also we add the following sentence to avoid the bad competition copying practices “Park & Fly answers all your questions and queries. If you have specific wishes and requirements send your inquiry to

The current list of services is published only on this page.”

Website goal 6 – Personal data protection

Our company fully assists Park&Fly for the generation of their “user’s terms and conditions” pages and their “personal data confidentiality” page. On their reservation page, we added checkmarks and links to these pages, which allows everybody to read them first and agree with them. 

google ads
Google Ads


For their Google Ads advertising campaign, we apply several marketing techniques to increase the CTR (Click Through Rate).


Here they are:

1. Catchy headlines.
2. Remarketing.
3. Web banners.
4. English and Bulgarian language setup
5. PPC budget optimization, based on their competitive analysis.
6. Links, phone calls, directions + tracking analyses

Let’s see what we did and how we cleverly used the Google Ads power to increase the Park&Fly customers.

1. Catchy headlines
For the start, we created headlines like this one:
A) “Parking lot near Sofia Airport. Prices start at 50 cents per hour!”
B) “New secure parking lot near Sofia Airport. Use Park&Fly for 20 Eur per week”
(we created several more advertising headings)

Under every advertising, we put some description showing the parking most competitive services.

2. The remarketing campaign and why.
We don’t recommend a remarketing campaign for every google advertising but in this case, we reach the conclusion (based on the Google Analysis) that a lot of people click, see and forget about the NEW Park&Fly parking lot, because of their travel date is not in the nearest possible feature.

With the help of this relatively new feature of Google Ads, we succeed to back a lot of the dropped out potential clients (now regular clients)


3. Web banners design. The idea?
Sure! We used the Google Ads display network also. Why did we decide to use web banners? Because this was the fastest way to show to the potential customer, the exclusively covered parking lots, and the brand new transfer vehicles that the parking use for their free services. And lastly but not least we wanted to show the parking location and courteous staff to the public.

4. English and Bulgarian language setups. (Do you know what is the meaning of “Advertising translation”?)

Actually, we created 2 different advertising campaigns. As you know, a different audience needs a different approach. We talk about this in our Idea and Conception page, under Advertising Translation service. Again our approach to uses a different advertising message for a different public leads to the advertising success.


5. PPC budget optimization
What did we do? As soon as we receive the important Google Auction analysis, we readjust the CPC cost of the campaign. In this case, this lowers the monthly advertising cost of Park&Fly.
Also, we add and remove some of the keywords and phrases that didn’t convert well and we substitute them with others based on google search analysis


6. Links, phones, and other extensions
In the Park&Fly Google Ads campaign, we used the power of the advertising extensions. This allows us to reach a much better conversation rate because we noted that when we give more clickable options, the visitors always choose the one that they are interested in. Based on the Google Tracking Analysis we noticed most of the Park&Fly customers are interested in their prices and the extra services that we decide to show on their website.


For Park&Fly Youtube advertising, we created several branded animation.

The first animations 

were meant to introduce the parking lot to the potential services. In order to grab their attention, we created a fast 6-second YouTube bumper spot, with music and voice over. (if someone doesn’t watch and only listen ). In this spot, we emphasize the Following message “Park&Fly. Secure parking lot near Sofia Airport. Prices start at 23 Eur per week” Also we show the most prominent parking features.

Their next short, advertising presentation spot, we created with the intent to advertise some new Park&Fly services and competitive advantages on Facebook on YouTube. 

After the competitive analysis we made for them, we decided to put the emphasis on these 4 ParkAndFly services.

1. Easy parking
2. Covered parking cells
3. The 24/7 service
4. Free transfer services

Also, we created this only music video, in Bulgarian and English languages, to be able to implement it on their 2 languages website on 2.the Home Page, Advantages section.


For Park&Fly Facebook and content marketing advertising, we decided to create several interesting and helping articles. in every article, we add images, clips, and call to actions.

Some of the articles we created we titled in a way that the title contains some of the keywords we wanted to rank on higher positions in Google.

The first 500+ words article we called:
“With Park&Fly parking has never been easier!”. In this article, we include a detailed description of some of the best Park&Fly services, like 27/7 working hours, the free transfers, some facts about Sofia Airport, etc.

The second 1000+ words article we titled:
Park&Fly work process and how easy it is with us!”.

In this article, we add explanatory animation we created especially for this article. Also, we added 3 more sections like “What we offer” (with link to their services page ), “Why our services are a good choice?” and “Here is how to find us”

The next very interesting article we created we called:

“History of the parking. How the idea for the first parking is born?” This article we created because we found that nobody from the Park&Fly competition didn’t write about that. And also we found that a lot of people were searching for this information. This article still increases the organic traffic to the parking lot website.

Based on our research and analytics we created several more interesting articles that we publish on their Facebook, official website, and Google Local Business page, that we created for them.

Park o Meter 500x371 1
The image we used for the "History of the parking" article



Eye-catching half-page ad in Bulgarian airlines magazine

For the purpose of the magazine ad, we developed the attention-grabbing headline “Parking near Sofia Airport has never been easier!”.
This is a really attractive headline because everybody needs a parking place near the airport and in most cases, this is almost impossible!


“Park&Fly has over 200 individual parking spaces equipped with individual canopies” This subtitle holds the reader’s attention and, of course, make them want to read the rest of the magazine ad.


We grab and hold the attention of the readers. Now? Park&Fly have a lot more to offer and, we wanted to show this information in “the easy way”.12 services which everybody can “see” in the time they scan the ad. See it for yourself. The icons show everything without the necessity of reading even a word more.



Check again and you will see that actually, the whole add is one “big CTA” Yes, the purpose of the add was to be remembered and readers just to add the Park&Fly contacts to their phone, and to call them when they need their services.

Park&Fly Sofia, magazine AD design by AdwayCreative
Park&Fly Sofia, magazine AD design by AdwayCreative



For this mega board design, positioned near the entrance of the parking, we approached a little differently from the traditional outdoor advertising methods.

As you can see, our goal was one. 

We wanted this mega board to SCREAM to everybody – HERE IS PARK&FLY. EXCELLENT PRICES. FREE TRANSFER.

We didn’t use many words. We put this sentence and their contacts. We wanted exactly these points to be CLEAR and VISIBIBLE to every fast passing vehicle, nothing else.

Park and Fly megaboard design
Park&Fly Mega board design and print


Park&Fly used our print and promotional advertising services for their promotional marketing campaigns. 

For this purpose, we branded for them promo blue metal pens engraved with their logo and also we printed their company desktop calendars. 

The calendars wear meant to reach new potential customers. That’s why we decided to promote the main Park&Fly advantage – “Secure Parking Lot, near Sofia Airport”

We found this to be one of the main action triggers, for their new customers to contact them. Also, we put as pictograms, some of the main and competitive services of the brand. Last but not least we place the parking lot contacts.


Promotional Calendars and pens ParkAndFly
Promotional desktop calendars and pens for Park&Fly