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“Sometimes success means getting the right idea” – John Rampton

Founder of AdwayCreative Advertising Company

“Sometimes SUCCESS MEANS getting the right idea” – John Rampton
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Probably you know that the cost of distributing a single creative is not inexpensive, and that’s why your ad should be designed so that it not only informs but also provokes the interest of the audience and encourage them to take the actions you want! In other words, the excellently crafted advertising should return your investments and bring you a profit.


ask us. Do a CONSULTATION.

“We want to advertise product X, but we do not know how and/or where to start. Can you advise us? “.


Through the last 10+ years, many of our customers have asked us different questions of this kind. Our desire to respond to you accurately and clearly excites us to offer you the “Advertising consultation” service.

At the first meeting with you (the meeting could be online also), we will discuss the service or product you want to advertise, and then we will give you the answer to different questions such as: 

  • What is the best possible advertising idea and approach?
  • Which is the best way to get started according to the budget you have?
  • Which is the best time to start the ad campaign to be most effective?
  • What target audience would be your best bet (men, women, children, age, interests, etc.)
  • Which are the best channels for spreading the message?

Plus many others.

After we answer these questions, the next step is the action plan preparation—more information about the process we have published in the DISTRIBUTION section of our website.

Advertising consultation
Advertising strategy


The value of advertising and promotion is crucial for any business’s success, and that’s why Advertising budget determination is one of the most important decisions that any marketing manager should take.

However, we want to share what we have noticed over the years. And also to give you an insight into what you should do and what you should avoid doing.


Here is what the NOT so successful companies do:

Their marketing managers treat the communications budget as an expense and profit cutting rather than an investment for contributing to additional sales and market share. That’s why when the times get tough; they first cut the advertising and promotional budget.


Here is what the most successful companies we work with do:

They spend additional funds during hard times or downturns in the cycle of sales. And these companies (maintaining or increasing their ad expenditures during recessions) achieve enhanced visibility and remarkably higher growth in both sales and market share (compared to those that reduce advertising outlays).


In short, the advertising goal determines the results that the ad (and the advertising idea) must achieve for a set of time. 

This period may, of course, vary from a few weeks to years, depending on the objective to be achieved and the public’s response to the generated advertising messages.


For example, the popularity of a brand can increase rapidly with the help of repeated advertising to the target audience, but changing the already established image of a product or brand can take years.


What determinate the goals:

Identifying the problem that the product or service will solve or what issue will be addressed in the ad determines the communication goals the campaign must achieve.

Determining the frequency of the ads:

An important factor is the definition of a minimum ad frequency that will be sufficient to achieve the advertising goal and then maximize the range of advertising within that frequency.

*If you don’t know some word definitions make sure to look at the glossary at the end of our DISTRIBUTION page.

the main ingredient of the good ADVERTISING IDEA.

“Sometimes success means getting the right idea” – John Rampton.


The first step in developing each advertisement is the generation of the idea behind it. This process can sometimes take longer because it relates to a thorough product/service (that you want to advertise) survey. Based on the research conducted, we prepare the idea behind the advertisement.


What are we aiming for?

Our goal is first and foremost to get the benefits of your product that make it better (and/or different) than competitors in this area.

The next step:

We create brief and well-thought-out promotional messages, the purpose of which is to attract the attention of a maximum percentage of the target audience.

The desire to buy:

In advertising, however, attracting attention is only part of the process. Keeping it and transforming it into a desire to buy is the key to any successful sale.

advertising idea


Have you ever seen a headline of advertising that attracts your attention, and then somehow you decide to read the whole article? 

If yes, you already know what is well-crafted advertising text (see example).

In most cases, the advertising text comprises several sequential parts (layer) designed to support the ad idea and encourage the end-user to take the actions desired by the advertiser.


Let’s specify:

SEO copywriting is similar to the task of composing the text for each ad. The difference is that the advertising text creation process also participates in the creative team involved in the whole advertising process.

what grabs the attention immediately?

When something looks really good, does it attract your attention?


In advertising, graphics and images are designed for an attention-grabbing purpose and also (and mainly) to support the advertising idea and message. A properly constructed creative image determines to a large extent whether the ad campaign will be successful or not.

We all know the saying, “one picture is equivalent to thousands of words.” In the world of advertising, the proverb sounds like this: “one picture is equivalent to thousands of sales.” Maybe you will now ask, “If one image is enough to sell, then is it worth adding a crafted text to it?” The answer, of course, is “YES.”


No matter how good the design looks, only for the advertising text is possible to communicate the different important points that should be presented in each ad:

  • What does your company do?
  • What are the benefits of the products or services you advertise?
  • Why should potential customers choose you and not your competitors?

Here in help comes the “Advertising text” and the “SEO content generation.”

go4raw advertising flags design by AdwayCreative
Go4Raw advertising flags design by AdwayCreative
Hobby District Advertising flyer design by AdwayCreative
Hobby District Advertising flyer design by AdwayCreative

did we miss

Do you know why it is important for the text for each creative to be written in a specially selected way and font?


Even before we look closely, we first see the overall radiance of the ad, and then we decide whether to give some attention or not. If the type doesn’t look attractive, the chances of grabbing and holding our attention and supporting the advertising idea are minor.

typography in advertising
Typography in advertising


Have you seen a photo of a product that immediately makes you say, I want to see it now,” “I want to buy it,” “I want to try it” (if it’s a food product), etc.?




Product photography is best suited for photographing various items to be shown in online stores, for example. 

The advertising photography is meant to support the advertising idea! This is the next step in successfully promoting a particular product. Here we use a set of additional methods that help to show the product in its best light. (pre and post-production photography methods that we use we will discuss in another article)

• The photos should be taken after the advertising idea is generated.

Advertising photography
Advertising photography
Product photography
Product photography

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how we reach your clients?

We use the so-called “media planning process.” This process defines the best possible path to distribute the advertising idea and message to reach the target audience easily. 

The distribution methods we can use nowadays are limitless – radio, tv, magazines, web, billboards, cinemas, etc.

Actually, we created a separate page on our website, where you can read in detail about our media planning and advertising distribution process.

Good advertising idea
Advertising distribution chanels

are the 3D VISUALIZATIONS better than photography?

3D visualization instead of photography?


Sometimes even the best photographic techniques cannot present the product we advertise so that it should look according to the predefined advertising idea we generate.

If we pursue unachievable photography results, with help comes photoreal product 3D visualization techniques. They allow us to show a particular product in a certain way, in the right place, and in the right light in which we intended it to be!

the same ad, but
in different countries.

will it work?

Did you know that advertisements of the same products do not look and sound very similar in different countries, even though the advertising idea behind the ad is the same?

When we prepare an ad for exposure in a new country, we will translate the letters into another language.

If the same advertising is used in different countries, the new audience should be taken into account. Sometimes, the same message (and the accompanying graphics) will not impact the new public. That’s why we first conduct research, and then we tweak the advertising message to appeal to the new target market.


For example, if we advertise a car, it will be more appropriate to focus advertising toward the price point in some countries. In contrast, it will be better to promote the equipment and the level of comfort the car provides in others.


Do you agree that just an architectural visualization is not enough to advertise a new building or residential complex, for example?

If your answer to the above question is “Yes,” then you are right. Here is why:

The advertising renderer must be generated so that it meets the pre-designed advertising idea and message. Also, it should present the main points of sale of the building (view, location, amenities, etc.).

The purpose of the advertisement 3D architectural visualization is to present the architectural artwork in its full brilliance. After the generation of the main 3D render, a series of additional processes that improve the image quality is performed to achieve this goal.

The next step is to prepare advertising materials that will be used to present the building to potential buyers (such as billboards designs, web graphics, video advertising, luxury brochures, website, display banner ads, PPC advertising, etc.)

The next step is to distribute the ad to reach the targeted audience.

TRADE SHOWS advertising.

If you also think that your advertising expo stand should look magnificent (and you need an advertising idea that can deliver the creative message right away), then you are in the right place! 

The expo stands could be cheap or expensive to manufacture (the price is determined by the stand’s size, complexity, accompanying promotional items, etc.).

As far as the expo stand’s design is concerned, we always take into account:

  • The creative message that needs to communicate. (if you do not have one, we’re up to you – we’ll do research and give you the right idea!)
  • The location of the stand, its equipment, and the additional promotional items.

The designed graphics and advertising messages we arrange so that they can be easily noticed and understood by visitors to the exhibition (or passers-by if the stand is outside). 

UBB Interlease Expo Stand Design
UBB Interlease Expo stand design by AdwayCreative
Kafina Expo Stand design by AdwayCreative
Kafina Expo Stand design by AdwayCreative

THE PRESS ADS and the advertising idea.

Do you often neglect the ads in the magazines you read?

In most magazines, the ads we’ve seen we can not even call ads.

Why? Because we are familiar with how a properly structured magazine advertisement should look like in a magazine, and most of the “ads” we saw in journals do not meets any of these requirements.

To find out more about what we are talking about, let’s ask you:

  • In how many ads you easily notice the main attraction point?
    (i.e., the title itself is well thought out and designed to stand out from the rest of the advertising? )
  • The text, in how many cases, is a lot and difficult to read?
  • Have you seen a creative image that is designed especially to support advertising?
  • Did you understand how to get the product easily and/or where to ask for more information?

The list above represents just a little part of the requirements that, in most cases, are not respected but are vital to a successful advertisement in newspapers and magazines.

In which magazines and when is the best way to distribute one winning advertising idea and message?


Of course, we can give you an answer to this question too! We can distribute your advertising in more than 100 different magazines!

More information can be found in the DISTRIBUTION section of our website.

Park&Fly Sofia, magazine AD design by AdwayCreative
Park&Fly Sofia, magazine AD design by AdwayCreative
Omega Boats catalogue design by AdwayCreative
Omega Boats catalogue design by AdwayCreative

the better

Direct sales or traffic generation?


We have often seen how social networking advertising is structured to sell directly, in most cases, this is the wrong approach because the purpose of this type of advertising is to increase traffic to your website or landing page (and these pages should be structured on the way to keep visitors and sell advertised products or services).

Social media marketing tools are some of the most powerful at the moment. If used professionally* with the help of a good advertising idea, they can generate a large amount of targeted** traffic to your website, which will increase the sales numerous times!

* For an ad campaign to be called “professional,” it must be prepared correctly, with the right idea and goal. The ad campaign is the whole process of targeting traffic to your website or online store until the sale is generated.


**For example, men aged up to X years / People who like to travel / People who live in a specific region(s)

More information can be found in the DISTRIBUTION section of our website.

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