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“Sometimes success means having the right idea.”
John Rampton

The first step in developing each advertisement is the generation of the idea behind it. This process can sometimes take longer because it is related to a thorough product/service (that you want to advertise) survey. On the basis of the research conducted, we prepare the idea behind the advertisement.

What are we aiming for?
Our goal is first and foremost to get the benefits of your product that make it better (and/or different) than competitors in this area.


  1. Advertising consultation
  2. Advertising budget
  3. Advertising objective
  4. Advertising idea
  5. Advertising text
  6. Typography and design
  7. Media planning and distribution
  8. Advertising photography and post-production
  9. Advertising 3d visualizations
  10. Semantic and visual advertising translation
  11. Architectural 3d visualizations with advertising purpose
  12. Design of expo stands and 3d design
  13. Advertising in magazines and newspapers
  14. Advertising in social networks


“Don’t build links. Build relationships.”
Rand Fishkin

Have you ever come across a website where you just want to click the back button immediately after you visit it? I.e. to a website that fails to keep your attention?

Some web design agencies offering their customers a web design service often make the mistake firstly to develop the website (beautiful but not well-thought-out design, choice of platform or programming from scratch, choice of hosting, domain and domain name) without to spare some time to the time to think about the ultimate idea and purpose of the website.


  1. The successful web design process
  2. Advertising landing pages
  3. Advertising web banners (animated and static)
  4. HTML5 web animations and graphics
  5. SEO optimization and generation of web content
  6. Online advertising in Google and other advertising networks


“Moving images help us find meaning ”
Dan Patterson

Sometimes, the best way to communicate your sales message is through video advertising (or in some cases through animated web graphics). This is because an ad article that would take 10-15 minutes of reading time can be successfully replaced (or complemented) with a short video presentation that can give the same amount of information but for a much shorter time, which will produce a higher return on your advertising investment.


  1. Advertising video clips and presentations
  2. Actors and voice talents
  3. Post-production
  4. Video resolutions
  5. The music and audio in video advertising


“Advertising is selling in print”
Daniel Starch

Perhaps this is one of the oldest ways for advertising, but it is also the one that has proven itself over time. The advantages of print advertising are numerous and the main one is its cost-effectiveness and the ability to target readers based on their interests. let’s also don’t neglect the fact that when people read offline, they tend to have higher attention spans and at the same time your advertising doesn’t have competition on the same page.


  1. Digital printing
  2. Offset printing
  3. Wide format printing
  4. Indoor and outdoor advertising solutions
  5. Promotional advertising materials
  6. Textile printing –  3.3 meters & 6 colors
  7. Digicut – the laser’s strength
  8. Scodix – new technology for luxury printing
  9. Digital uv varnish.
  10. Digital metal effect.


“Content is king, but distribution is queen”
Jonah Peretti

Do you know why you notice the same advertising of a product or services to appear in different places such as magazines, mega boards, webpages etc. ?
Yes, this is due to the media planning and distribution process. This process is a series of solutions needed to deliver the advertising message to users. This process requires the development of specific media goals and media strategies. In the basic sense, the purpose of the media plan is to find a combination of media that enables a marketing specialist to deliver the creative in the most effective way to the greatest number of potential customers at the lowest possible cost.


  1. Tv, radio, outdoor, press, internet, wi-fi, mobile and cinema advertising
  2. Situational analysis
  3. Strategic marketing plan
  4. Strategic creative plan
  5. Media goals
  6. Media strategy
  7. Selection of major media classes
  8. Solutions
  9. Glossary


you will see why we work together

Iliya Avramov


"The most important part in advertising process is the generation of the idea behind each campaign."


Deyan Nikolov

Marketing Specialist

"But in order to generate this idea successfully, we need a preliminary marketing study."


Pravdomira Alexieva

Graphic Designer

"And let's not forget the fact that in the advertising world "one picture is equal to a thousand sales".


Natalia Hristova

Project manager

"If the organization of the projects is good, they will always run smoothly"


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